“Perspectives on Food” in the Gallery

On Tuesday, November 4 at 6:00 p.m., the University Art Gallery will host a public discussion entitled “Perspectives on Food”. This event is open to all members of the campus, Kirksville, and other communities in order to discuss the topics that inspired this exhibition.

As blog readers will know, this exhibition is part of a larger gallery program known as “Food and Conservation in the Heartland” and utilizes contemporary art to engage with themes pertaining to the food supply of rural Missouri residents.  “Hunter/Gatherer” seeks to transcend political divisions in order to provoke discussions around the issues of where our food comes from, its production, the ways it connects us to our environment, and what accounts for food insecurity. Some of the themes being touched on include hunger, food safety, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and hunting.It  is one of the most uniquely engaging exhibits the gallery has shown to date.and features extensive educational programming, free transportation, and guided tours for schools, churches, and other groups

For questions, or to request a group tour of the exhibition, please contact University Art Gallery Director, Prof. Aaron Fine at (660)785.5386 or at afine@truman.edu.

We hope to see you there!