Awards Ceremony for Art Students

April 11 awards ceremony 006 
Student award winners with Art Department Chair Prof. Rusty Nelson (center)

This afternoon, on the last day of classes for the academic year, the Art Department held a ceremony to officially recognize students who have won either university-wide or departmental awards.  Please join us in congratulating all of these talented artists, designers, and art historians!

Outstanding Undergraduate in Art (university wide):  Anna Youngyuen

Outstanding Undergraduate in Art History:  Valerie Lazalier

Outstanding Undergraduate in Studio Art:  Laura Wellington

Outstanding Undergraduate in Visual Communication:  Julianne Gross

Department Service Award: Huyen Dinh

The following students were awarded Art Department scholarships:

    Kat Klebenow;  Kristine Campbell;  Sara Rudder;  Jon Moeller;  Megan Schaffer.

In addition, the following students will be awarded Departmental Honors next Friday at a separate, university-wide ceremony:

Julianne Gross (Vis. Comm.);  Becky Hernandez (Studio Art);  Valerie Lazalier (Art History); AnnaYoungyuen (Studio Art)

April 11 awards ceremony 002 


TSU Student Research Conference–Art Presentations

Src ruby answering a question 
Congratulations to all the Art majors who presented their work at Truman's 24th annual Student Research Conference on Tuesday!

Stephanie Barry (senior, Art History):  "The Number Four in Lakota Directional Symbolism"

Jaime Chambers (senior, Art History):  "Out of the River and into Pop Culture:  Indigenous Belief and Foreign Influences in Images of Mami Wata"

Emily Hagen (freshman, Art History):  "Unknown Floating Head:  Attribution of a Renaissance Woodcut"

Ruby Jenkins (senior, Art History):  "All These Pretty Pictures?  An Analysis of Rene Magritte's Use of Language with Art"

Michelle Kimberlin (senior, Art History):  "Claude Monet:  Cataract Development and the Effects on His Artwork"

Janna Langholz (senior, Studio Art):  "Cutting Out a Space:  The Construction of an Imaginary World"

Valerie Lazalier (senior, Art History):  "Flotsam and Jetsam:  Joseph Cornell's Plae in the History of Collecting"

Elmer Stunkel (senior, Art History):  "Damien Hirst and the End of Art"'

Laura Wellington (senior, Studio Art):  "Through Her Eyes"



Art students present at national research conference

Congratulations to the four Art students were accepted to present at the 25th National Council on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) conference held this month in Ithaca, New York.

Ruby Jenkins (Art History):  All Those Pretty Pictures? An Analysis of René Magritte’s Use of Language with Art

 Janna Añonuevo Langholz (Studio Art):  Cutting Out a Space: The Construction of an Imaginary World

 Valerie Lazalier (Art History): Flotsam and Jetsam: Joseph Cornell’s Place in the History of Collecting

Elmer Stunkel (Art HIstory & Philosophy):  Damien Hirst and the End of Art

Pictured are (from top to bottom) Janna Langholz, Elmer Stunkel, and Valerie Lazalier.  Thanks to Dr. Sara Orel for taking and sharing these photographs.