Collaborative Research and Creative Service Learning Project

This semester saw the final completion and implementation of a service learning project which involved majors in all the areas in the Art Department.  Students in ART 329 Historical Methods, working in consultation with the Missouri State Museum and the Department of Natural Resources, developed, researched, wrote, designed, and implemented a website that provides detailed information about the Thomas Hart Benton-created murals in the Missouri state capitol in Jefferson City.  The students created the website to serve a large range of audiences, from state legislators, to teachers and school groups, to anyone with internet access and an interest in this Missouri artist or these works.

To view the website, please visit:

Towne Center Exhibition

Senior Art majors Valerie Lazalier and Michelle Kimberlin have curated an exhibit in the Ruth Towne Center for the Center's "What Is This?" series.  The display features three pairs of tinted eyeglasses drawn from Special Collections in Pickler Memorial Library.  Developing the exhibition related directly to both students' interests:  Valerie will matriculate this fall into the Information and Library Science masters degree program at Indiana University and has a special interest in archives, special collections, and museums;  she has been doing an internship this semester in Special Collections at Pickler Memorial Library on campus.  For her Senior Thesis, Michelle worked on Claude Monet's experiences late in life with cataracts for which at times he wore special corrective glasses. 


News from Alumni and Graduating Seniors

Congratulations to all Art Department seniors graduating on Saturday, May 7!

The following students (or their academic advisors) or alumni, have let us know what they'll be up to after graduation or what they have been up to since graduation.  Congratulations to all!

Shelly Forbis, BFA Printmaking 2009.  Has just purchased her second printing press and continues to display her works in regional and national venues. Current gallery representative is Primary Colors, Kansas City

Peter McEvoy, BA Printmaking 2008.  Continues in his position as manager of the wood working and foundry sections of the San Francisco Community Art Center, San Francisco.

Julia Curran, BFA Printmaking 2009.  Continues her position as manager and facilities planner for Evil Prints, St. Louis, and has just been awarded a Fulbright to study Printmaking in Europe, summer 2011.

Galen Gibson-Cornell, BFA Printmaking 2010.  Completing his first year of graduate studies in Printmaking MFA, University of Wisconsin-Madison.  Has just received a grant to study lithography in France, summer 2011.

Sarah Adams, BFA Printmaking 2010.   Hired in the framing department of Hobby Lobby, Kansas City. 

Carmen Doyon, BFA 2011.   Has been accepted into the MFA Printmaking program at SUNY New Paltz, New York.

Adam Rowlett, BFA 2011.  Has been accepted into the MFA Printmaking program at the University of North Texas, Denton TX.

Jonathan Moeller, first-semester Printmaking student at Truman.  Has been awarded an internship program at Mark Buckheit & Associates art services group, St. Louis.  Also has been hired for specialty work at Award Specialties (plaques and engraving), St. Louis.

Jen Teter (BFA 2002) is now exhibitions & education director for the Quincy Arts Center.

Natalie Hall (BA, Art History) continues to work for the AT Still Museum, AT Still University, in Kirksville.

Valerie Lazalier (BA, Art History, anticipated 2011) will be enrolling in the Information and Library Science program at University of Indiana at Bloomington.

Elmer Stunkel (BA, Art History, 2012) has a summer internship at the DUMBO Arts Center in Brooklyn (NY).



Selected Summer Faculty Activities

Of course, all Art faculty members will, this summer, be working on things such as preparing classes for next academic year, reading, and doing scholarship and creative work.  Here's some examples of what profs will be up to:

Prof. Ping Xu will be leading a Truman State University study abroad trip to China.

Prof. Matthew Derezinski has had his work selected for exhibition in 15 shows since January.

Prof. Aaron Fine, Prof. Priya Kambli, and Dr. Sara Orel all received Truman State University competitive Summer Research Fellowships.

Dr. Sara Orel will be studying and preparing publication of Gebel al Haridi survey in Egypt.

Dr. Julia DeLancey will be conducting archival research in Italy.