Site-Specific Fibers Project in OP!


Work by Jessica Zilch

Students, staff, and faculty who are in Ophelia Parrish (the building that houses Art, Music, and Theatre) this week will have a chance to see some great site-specific fibers projects created by students in Prof. Lily Lee's Fibers I class.  There are eleven works in total all around the building.

For the assignment, students were asked to tailor-make a slipcover or other fabric construction that alters a structure, part of a structure, or space in or near Ophelia Parrish.  The works also needed to involve a minimum of two manipulated fabric methods.  Students were also given a variety of installation options, including that the sewn form "fits over the existing structure (like a slip cover), ties or loops connecting the fabric to the structure, or ties securing the structure to itself to conform to the shape of the existing structure (like a wrap-around skirt), or more."

Students were also challenged to "Keep in mind how the color, pattern, imagery, design, and subject matter of the surface [they created] relates to the form [they constructed], and the existing structure or space [they altered]."

The pieces will be up through Friday, so please stop by to see them!


Work by Anna Grace


Work by Lauren Moll

Prof. Lee in Juried Exhibition

Congratulations to Prof. Lily Lee (Fibers-Sculpture-3D).  One of her recent works, shown above with details below, has been chosen for inclusion in a juried exhibition, Post-Racial U.S?.  The exhibition will be up at the University Art Gallery at New Mexico State University through December 20, 2013.



Kirksville Skate Park vote!


"Octopus", Kristen Williams

Prof. Aaron Fine (Studio Art;  University Art Gallery) sent the following about a great class project;  hope you can all sign on and vote soon!

"My Advanced Drawing students came up with designs for a Skate Park Mural for Kriksville Parks and Recreation. Folks can go to this facebook page and "like" the one they want to see become a reality."  

Prof. Wilbur Residency


As part of her recent sabbatical leave, Prof. Wynne Wilbur participated in an artist's residency at the Red Lodge Clay Center in Montana.  Prof. Wilbur shared with us information about (and pictures of!) her great experience.

was part of an AIA group of 5 women (all who loosely have ties to Kansas).  AIA
stands for Artist Invites Artists. In this case, Glenda Taylor (Ceramics, chair
of art at Washburn U. in Topeka) had been to Red Lodge before and invited the
rest of us to join her for a month in June. We all worked in the same studio
and lived in the same restored Victorian house in town. We mostly worked on our
own stuff, but shared ideas, processes, impressions etc. while we worked."