Welcome back from China, Prof. Xu!

Truman Luxun 
Prof. Xu with Truman State University students in Shanghai

The Art Department is pleased to welcome back Prof. Ping Xu (Visual Communications) from his trip to China this summer.  Prof. Xu spend the summer in his home city of Shanghai.  While there, Prof. Xu met with a Truman State University study abroad class led by Prof. Julie Minn, met with faculty and students from Luxun Academy of Fine Arts in Dalian, China (whose work will be showing in the University Art Gallery this fall), and visited Expo 2010 in Shanghai.

Ping in Dalian 
Prof. Xu (front row, middle, light grey shirt) with faculty and students from Luxun Academy of Fine Arts, China.

One Prof. Xu's photographs of the Expo 2010 pavilions in Shanghai.

Art History Society First Meeting!

The first meeting of the Art History Society will be Tuesday, August 31 at 6:00 p.m. in OP2250.  AHS is the club for any Truman student (regardless of major) interested in Art History.  The club takes trips to see great art and to participate in national conferences, as well as holds fundraisers (including the very popular Art History Cupcakes sale!) and run the popular AHS Study Sessions to work with any student in any Art History course needing some extra support–as well as lots of other great activities!  Any questions?  Please contact AHS at ahstruman@gmail.com

See you there!

Welcome Incoming Students

Incoming students are moving in this weekend. Kirksville is going to be absolutely crazy. Have fun at Walmart buying all your dorm survival gear. You will have your first Truman Week class on Sunday and be sure to attend Major Day activities in the gallery on Tuesday at 3:30. You will get to meet the entire Art faculty. If you have an AP credit portfolio to review, drop it off at  OP1109 (department office) or OP1221 (my office). Stop by and say hello. Rusty

Print Monitors WANTED!

If you are interested in working in Fine Arts Publications (FAP) as a large-format inkjet Print Monitor, apply today! FAP has two big printers… they are pretty cool and fun to drive. We are going to be busy and need interested, dedicated workers. Apply today!

Print Monitor Job Description

WANTED: students with electronic/digital understanding and aptitude to serve as print monitors in FAP.  FAP has two EPSON large-format inkjet roll printers (Stylus Pro 7900, 24 inch and Stylus Pro 9600, 44 inch). This printing service is utilized by the entire university community – administration, department, faculty and students.

Print monitors will be responsible for the work flow of inkjet/laser printing submitted to FAP's printing service. Applicants must be able to dedicate 4 to 5 hours a week on a routine schedule. Applicants must be reliable and dedicated to provide excellent service.

Knowledge and experience with Macintosh OS is preferred, but not required. Ability and confidence to interact with "clients" and troubleshot technical issues with digital files and hardware is a must. Work load will vary through the course of the year. Great opportunity to develop and refine production management abilities.

Scholarship and Work Study workers are welcome to apply. Limited institutional funds may be available. Available work hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

If interested: apply through Tru-Positions

Transfer Credit

If you are an incoming freshman or transfer student with AP  or transfer art credit, you need to submit a Request for Substitution Credit application to the Department Chair in OP1221 if you want this credit to substitute for course required in the major. The form can be obtained in the Art Department Office in OP1109. You are also required to submit a portfolio of work from the course you want to substitute. The faculty will review the portfolio to assess if the work is comparable to the Truman Art course. This review will take place at the first department meeting on August 31st. Please drop off portfolios at OP1221 prior to the 31st. Normally, if substitution is not granted, the credit is assigned as Art Elective credit. If you have questions, please contact art@truman.edu.

Truman Week Major Day

If you are planning on being an Studio Art, Visual Communications or Art History major, be sure to attend the Major Day activities in Ophelia Parrish on August 24th. You'll meet all the art department professors and get an overview of the department and programs. If you have any questions about your first semester at Truman, this will be the time to get some answers. If you are undecided and have no place better to be… you are more than welcome to attend. Stop by. The fun begins at 3:30 in the University Art Gallery. There will be food.