Site-Specific Fibers Project in OP!


Work by Jessica Zilch

Students, staff, and faculty who are in Ophelia Parrish (the building that houses Art, Music, and Theatre) this week will have a chance to see some great site-specific fibers projects created by students in Prof. Lily Lee's Fibers I class.  There are eleven works in total all around the building.

For the assignment, students were asked to tailor-make a slipcover or other fabric construction that alters a structure, part of a structure, or space in or near Ophelia Parrish.  The works also needed to involve a minimum of two manipulated fabric methods.  Students were also given a variety of installation options, including that the sewn form "fits over the existing structure (like a slip cover), ties or loops connecting the fabric to the structure, or ties securing the structure to itself to conform to the shape of the existing structure (like a wrap-around skirt), or more."

Students were also challenged to "Keep in mind how the color, pattern, imagery, design, and subject matter of the surface [they created] relates to the form [they constructed], and the existing structure or space [they altered]."

The pieces will be up through Friday, so please stop by to see them!


Work by Anna Grace


Work by Lauren Moll

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