Renee Pepmiller–Art History Alum Update

Dr. Sara Orel (Art History) put out a call on Facebook recently for information on what Art History alumni were up to. We were overwhelmed not only by the wonderful response but also all the great things that our alums are doing. So, this summer the blog will feature updates on all that great stuff!  The most recent post appears below:


Renee writes:

"I've been in the states for a little over a year now, but prior to that I lived and worked in Dhaka, Bangladesh for a year. I worked with two tourism companies there- mostly writing and editing work- and got to take a couple field trips out to explore museums, Vihara, and some amazing traditional homes left abandoned at partition. I co-authored a short book while there on the history of  Bangladesh.

Since being back in the states I've continued writing and currently have a weekly column at the Equals Record ( and an essay on travel (including some memories from my first international trip- Cairo!!) in their upcoming publication."

Congratulations, Renee!

If you are an alum of the Art Department and have news to share, please let us know!