Welcome back!


Photo Credit:  Tim Barcus, campus photographer

Campus was buzzing today as begining-of-the-academic-year meetings for faculty and staff started.  Many professors had been active on campus all summer, with teaching, administrative duties, and the like.  Many others, were traveling locally, nationally, and internationally in relation to class preparation and their creative work and scholarship.  Here are some selections, below, of just a few of the things some of us have been up to over the summer term.

John Bohac (Studio:  Painting) exhibited work in a juried exhibition entitled "Blur" at Art St. Louis in St. Louis, Missouri during June and July.

Sara Orel (Art History) was selected to participate in the Japan Studies Institute from the Japan Studies Association in Honolulu, Hawai'i.

Jamie Bates (Studio:  Ceramics) showed at the Plenum Space Gallery in conjuction with Kansas City First Fridays.

Aaron Fine (University Art Gallery and Studio:  Painting, Drawing) was selected, along with Chaya Chandrasakhar, as guest editor of the Spring/Summer 2013 AsiaNetwork Exchange journal.

Matt Derezinski (Visual Communication) visited Japan and saw an international design show.  Stay tuned, also, for a separate post about his solo show in Illinois.

Julia DeLancey (Art History) was selected to participate in an interdisciplinary National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Institute in Florence, Italy entitled "Leonardo da Vinci:  Between Art and Science"

Stay tuned, also, for updates to this post as we hear from more faculty!