TSU Student Research Conference–Art Presentations

Src ruby answering a question 
Congratulations to all the Art majors who presented their work at Truman's 24th annual Student Research Conference on Tuesday!

Stephanie Barry (senior, Art History):  "The Number Four in Lakota Directional Symbolism"

Jaime Chambers (senior, Art History):  "Out of the River and into Pop Culture:  Indigenous Belief and Foreign Influences in Images of Mami Wata"

Emily Hagen (freshman, Art History):  "Unknown Floating Head:  Attribution of a Renaissance Woodcut"

Ruby Jenkins (senior, Art History):  "All These Pretty Pictures?  An Analysis of Rene Magritte's Use of Language with Art"

Michelle Kimberlin (senior, Art History):  "Claude Monet:  Cataract Development and the Effects on His Artwork"

Janna Langholz (senior, Studio Art):  "Cutting Out a Space:  The Construction of an Imaginary World"

Valerie Lazalier (senior, Art History):  "Flotsam and Jetsam:  Joseph Cornell's Plae in the History of Collecting"

Elmer Stunkel (senior, Art History):  "Damien Hirst and the End of Art"'

Laura Wellington (senior, Studio Art):  "Through Her Eyes"