Ceramics in London

Looking at a porcelain dish 
Missouri in London Program student Tory Baillie (Missouri State University) examines a Qing Dynasty dish while Truman State University student Carly Brotemarkle looks on.  The soup tureen in the foreground is covered with barnacles from its centuries beneath the ocean.

Dr. Sara Orel's Missouri in London "Non-western Art and Culture" class visited the home of Elisabeth Porter, of The Nanking Porcelain Company Limited, for a discussion of Chinese export porcelain.  The Nanking Porcelain Company specializes in pottery recovered from shipwrecks in Asian waters, of ships that were transporting porcelain and other luxury goods such as tea for sale to markets in Europe.  Students had a chance to handle objects that were centuries old and ask questions about them as well as what it is like to run an antiques business in modern London.

Betsy showing off clobber ware 
Elisabeth Porter discusses an example of "clobbered ware," a bowl with relatively simple decoration that was added to by Dutch artists in the 18th century, when the demand for finely-painted brightly-colored ceramics in Europe outstripped the Dutch East India Company's ability to import it.