Welcome back from China, Prof. Xu!

Truman Luxun 
Prof. Xu with Truman State University students in Shanghai

The Art Department is pleased to welcome back Prof. Ping Xu (Visual Communications) from his trip to China this summer.  Prof. Xu spend the summer in his home city of Shanghai.  While there, Prof. Xu met with a Truman State University study abroad class led by Prof. Julie Minn, met with faculty and students from Luxun Academy of Fine Arts in Dalian, China (whose work will be showing in the University Art Gallery this fall), and visited Expo 2010 in Shanghai.

Ping in Dalian 
Prof. Xu (front row, middle, light grey shirt) with faculty and students from Luxun Academy of Fine Arts, China.

One Prof. Xu's photographs of the Expo 2010 pavilions in Shanghai.