Art Department Alumni and Faculty at Renaissance conference in Italy!


Three Art History alumni and one faculty member participated in this year’s Renaissance Society of America’s annual meeting held in Venice, Italy;  the Renaissance Society of America is the leading international conference on Renaissance studies.  Dr. John Garton (BA, Art History and Studio Art;  currently Assistant Professor o f Art History, Clark University) presented a paper entitled “The Siege Ladders of Leonardo da Vinci” in a session honoring his doctoral supervisor, Dr. Colin Eisler (Institute of Fine Arts at New York University);  Jasmine Cloud (BA, Art History;  currently a PhD candidate in Italian Baroque Art at Temple University), was selected to give a paper entitled “A Shifting Sense of the Past: The Early Modern Interpretation of the Façade of San Marco” in a session honoring the historian of Venetian art, Dr. Patricia Fortini Brown (Princeton University);  Leslie Contarini (BA, Art History;  currently working for the art restoration organization Save Venice) helped to organize and host a session sponsored by Save Venice, entitled “Recent Restorations in Venice:  Titian, Tintoretto, Veronese”;  and Dr. Julia DeLancey (Professor of Art, Art Department) was invited to give a paper entitled “L’importantissima mercanzie”:  mapping color sellers (vendecolori) and visual environments in Renaissance Venice” in a session on period eyes and urban space.  Dr. DeLancey also chaired a session entitled "In Search of the Venetian Popolani I:  Identities and Representations".  Please see the conference program for more information (the relevant abstracts are available in the .pdf on pages 142 (Garton), 1 (Cloud), 175 (DeLancey:  chair) and 671 (DeLancey:  paper) and for the Save Venice session, please see page 11 of the Special Events section of the program.

Jasmine, John, and Leslie
(Leslie Contarini, John Garton, and Jasmine Fry in the Centro Don Orione, Dorsoduro, Venice)