Dr. Orel to spend fall semester in London

Quarry A image by Gerry Allaby
Platform in front of Quarry E, Gebel El Haridi, Egypt (Photo by Gerry Allaby)


Dr. Sara Orel, Professor of Art History, will be teaching for the Missouri in London program in the fall of 2010.  While there she will offer courses in Non-Western Art and Culture and Islamic Art.  She will also be working on finishing up several Egyptological projects while there, including preparing the final publication of the Egypt Exploration Society's Gebel el Haridi Survey Project.  She will present her research on the site at the Third British Egyptology Conference, to be held September 11th and 12th at the British Museum.

Haridi is a stunningly beautiful series of cliffs beside the Nile just south of Asyut.  The earliest identified occupation consists of rock-cut tombs of the Old Kingdom, and the latest major architecture dates to Late Roman/early Christian times.  The quarries, cemeteries, and settlements will be the focus of a book coming out in the next couple of years.