Breaking News About Priya Kambli

Truman is excited to announce that Professor Priya Kambli’s series, “Buttons for Eyes” is one of the two winning bodies of work for the “Story Category” for the Female in Focus award, “a new award from 1854 Media, running for the first time in 2019. The aim of the award is to highlight the exceptional quality of work by female photographers around the world.”

At 1854’s core is British Journal of Photography, the world’s longest running photography title, which has been showcasing pioneers of the art form since 1854.

The winning series will be part of the Female in Focus exhibition, taking place at United Photo Industries in Brooklyn, NYC for a month in Oct /Nov 2019 – with the opening being on Oct 22, 2019.

Professor Kambli’s series, “Buttons for Eyes” has also been selected as one of 10 Finalist in The Print Center’s 94th ANNUAL International Competition from the 512 international artists that applied.

From the 10 finalists, they will select three solo exhibitions winners. Those exhibitions will open at The Print Center in January 2020. Winners will also will be eligible for additional awards – including cash, acquisition and material prizes – granted in spring 2020. The full list of Finalists and Semifinalists will be publicly announced in an email newsletter later in October.

“The Print Center, a nonprofit gallery located in Philadelphia’s historic Rittenhouse Square neighborhood, encourages the growth and understanding of photography and printmaking as vital contemporary arts through exhibitions, publications and educational programs. The Print Center is an international voice in print; our global outlook coincides with a strong sense of local purpose. Recognized as a locally significant and internationally respected gallery, an art education provider and an artists’ advocate, The Print Center is known for supporting emerging and established artists; developing unusual and intriguing programs that attract a diverse audience; and making art accessible to all members of the community.

Dunnagan’s New Public Artworks

This summer, art professor Lindsey Dunnagan showed work at Weinberger Fine Art in Kansas City and completed two large public painting commissions.  Through Weinberger Fine Art, she sold six paintings to Truman Medical Centers in Kansas City, Missouri.  They will be installed later this winter.  Additionally, Carneal Simmons Contemporary Art in Dallas, Texas sold a 48” x 72” commissioned painting by Dunnagan to the new Springhill Suites Hotel in Fort Worth, Texas.  This painting will also be installed later this fall.

Springhill Suites, Fort Worth, Texas

Truman Medical Centers, Kansas City, Missouri

Additionally, Dunnagan is part of an exhibition in Terminal E of the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport through October 2019.  Her handmade artist book “Wax Chrysalis” is in the group show “The Book as Art: Flight Edition.”

Professor Derezinski and International Media in the Arts

Matthew Derezinski was part of the International Media Team for the 24th World Scout Jamboree, held in West Virginia. Over 45,000 Scouts attended from 150 countries around the world and over 10,000 International Staffing Team to help run all the events at World Jamboree. It has been over fifty years since the last World Scout Jamboree was held in the United State. This Jamboree was hosted by three countries: United State, Mexico and Canada.

The Art Department also got funding to purchase a Glowforge, which is a laser cutter and engraver. Aaron Neeley and Matthew Derezinski have been working on developing protocols and procedures in how to use the machine. Here are some examples:  (see google drive folder)

Priya Kambli Had a Whirlwind Summer Full of Art

This summer, Art Professor Kambli completed an artist residency at Latitude.  In her own words, “My strong desire to participate in the Artist in Residence program at Latitude was driven by my need to investigate and expand the nature of my own photographic practice.”  You can visit her artist lecture here.

She also traveled to France with Truman’s International Travel Grant to research contemporary photography.

Fun in the Mud: Professor Ordway traveled to North Carolina for a Ceramics Workshop

This summer, art professor Eric Ordway was a studio assistant for his former professor and mentor Joseph Pintz at Penland School of Crafts in Penland, NC. It was a 2.5-week intensive workshop focusing on ceramic hand-building techniques that Pintz has developed as a professional artist. The workshop attendee’s also applied terra sigillata (terra sig) to the work that they made. Learning technical information on how to make a terra sig base, then altering the coloration of that base using mason stains and oxides. Applying patinas and washes to their work to give a depth of surface on their pieces. They then reviewed the results of their work from two different firings. Several were from the electric kiln, fired to cone 02. The other was a low soda-firing using a reduction atmosphere with propane.

All in all, Eric had a great time working alongside Pintz and the other work studies/studio assistants as well as pursuing a new avenue in his work that did not rely on high-fire, atmospheric kilns.

Professor Fine Traveled to France for Research

Professor Aaron Fine travelled to Paris, France this summer with the support of a School of Arts and Letters International Travel Stipend. His research focus for this trip was at the Gobelins tapestry works, a hand loomed tapestry and carpet workshop which has been in nearly continuous operation since the reign of Louis XIV. In particular he was interested in visiting the site where an important 19th century color theorist, Eugene Chevreul, worked for 60 years. The highlight of the visit was meeting Sylvie Heurtaux, who began as a weaver but has come to be in charge of N.I.M.E.S. – the current color system used at Gobelins. This color system is founded on Chevreul’s Chroma Circle with its 72 tonalities, but is otherwise much more up to date in its structure. The N.I.M.E.S. facility has two sets of approximately 15,000 dyed wool color samples arranged according to the three standard measurable properties of color (tonality, value, and clarity) and is calibrated with other standard color systems using computerized colorimetry.

Image of the N.I.M.E.S. Color system courtesy of Manufacture des Gobelins and photographed by Isabelle Bideau.

Professor Bigger’s Art Show at Culver Stockton College

Art Professor Laura Bigger has an upcoming solo exhibition entitled Laws of Nature at the Mabee Gallery, Culver Stockton College, Canton, MO. The exhibition features a large body of new monotypes and other prints in her Black Hole series as well as a range of other prints, drawings, and installation-based pieces. The exhibition runs September 5th – October 4th with an opening reception on September 5th at 6:30 pm.