Student and Faculty Work at Kirksville Arts Association (Opening Tonight!)

 COMPOSITIONS poster 5Jan14

Tonight will be the opening reception for a new exhibition at the Kirksville Arts Center!  The reception will be from 5:30 – 7:00 p.m. at the Kirksville Arts Center, 117 S. Franklin in Kirksville.

The show, titled "Compositions", features three-dimensional work in a variety of media and includes work by Truman Art Department faculty members Prof. Matt Derezinski (Visual Communications) and Prof. Lily Lee (Fibers/Sculpture/Three-D), as well as students from Fibers and Sculpture classes at Truman taught by Prof. Lee and Prof. John Bohac.  Those students include:  Allison Behm, Emma Roeder, Melanie Pailer, Emily VanGelder, Juliet Desnoyer, Connor Penland Frazier, Jacquelyn Wheeler, Jessica Zilch, Lauren Moll, Katie Burke, Ian Reed, Justin Sevier, Daniel Riekena, Rahil Gomes, Charles Cantrell, and Kevin Foster as well as others.

We hope to see you at the reception or at the exhibition!