Jasmine (Fry) Cloud–Art History Alum Update

Dr. Sara Orel (Art History) put out a call on Facebook recently for information on what Art History alumni were up to. We were overwhelmed not only by the wonderful response but also all the great things that our alums are doing. So, this summer the blog will feature updates on all that great stuff!  The most recent post appears below:

Jasmine writes:

"I was already on the blog a bit ago for my Kress Fellowship, but I do have some newer news. In the last four months, I've had two articles published. The first came out in January. Here's the citation: “A Shifting Sense of the Past: The
Changing Interpretation of the Byzantine Spolia at the Basilica of San Marco.” In Reflections on Renaissance Venice, eds. Mary E. Frank and Blake de Maria, 63-73. Milan: Five Continents, 2013.

The second came out 3 days ago! “From Cattle Market to Public Promenade: Remaking the Forum in the Seventeenth Century.” In Perspectives on Public Space in Rome, from Antiquity to the Present Day, eds. Gregory Smith and Jan Gadeyne, 187-209. Aldershot: Ashgate, 2013.

I'll be returning to Philadelphia at the end of August after two years in Rome, and will finish writing my dissertation. I plan to defend in April 2014 and graduate in May."

Congratulations, Jasmine!

If you are an alum of the Art Department and have news to share, we'd love to hear from you!  Please contact us at art@truman.edu.