Art at the Student Research Conference!

Tomorrow Truman will hold the 26th Annual Student Research Conference.  Classes are cancelled on this day to allow students, faculty, and staff to experience the fantastic range of research and creative work being done by students on Truman’s campus.  The Art Department will be very well represented and we hope to see you at a lot of these events!  Congratulations to all the students and to their faculty mentors (including Prof. Priya Kambli who was a semi-finalist for the Research Mentor of the Year award!).

Featured throughout the day will be two exhibitions of student artwork:

8:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Atrium, South Wing of OP
Studio Art Display

8:30 am – 7:00 pm • University Art Gallery (OP 1114)
Annual Juried Student Exhibition

In addition, the following events will highlight students and their creative or research work:

Art History (these will be individual research presentations)

1:00 – 2:15 • OP 2117

1:00 ALLIE M. STRAUSSNER (Dr. Julia DeLancey, Dr. Sara Orel, and Dr. Paul Yoder, Faculty Mentors)   Henry Fuseli: Sensations of the Erotic.

1:15  APRIL N. JOHNSTON (TruScholar 2012), (Dr. Julia DeLancey, Faculty Mentor)
I Sacrificed Nothing: Struggle and Triumph in the Painting of Lee Krasner,

1:30 MAMIE E. COX (TruScholar 2013), (Dr. Elizabeth Gand (Fort Lewis College), Dr. Julia DeLancey, and Dr. Cole Woodcox, Faculty Mentors)
At the Moulin Rouge: Henri de Toulouse Lautrec and the Dancer

1:45 LACY A. MURPHY (Dr. Julia DeLancey, Faculty Mentor)
The Women of Jacques-Louis David

Exhibition of Student Works (Studio and Visual Communication)

(students will not make formal presentations, but rather will be available during this time to answer questions about their work;  because of the overlap with Art History presentations, some if not all of the students below have agreed to be available starting at 12:45 p.m.  Thank you to them!).

12:45- 2:15 • OP South Atrium

ELIZABETH A. WILLIAMSON (Prof. Priya Kambli, Faculty Mentor)
Creative Photography: Churches

KATHERINE D. KLEBENOW (Prof. Priya Kambli, Faculty Mentor)
Unnatural: A Photographic Investigation of Interactions with Nature

SHELBY SIMS (Prof. Priya Kambli, Faculty Mentor)
Surrounded by Life

ROCIO D. HOPSON (Prof. Priya Kambli, Faculty Mentor)
Exploring Pregnancy

Large Scale Sculptural Installation

LONA D. MOODY (TruScholar 2012), (Prof. Priya Kambli, Faculty Mentor)
Experimentally Combining Alternative and Traditional Photographic Processes

ROCIO D. HOPSON (Prof. Matthew Derezinksi, Faculty Mentor)
Casa Nahual, Bed & Breakfast

1:30-2:15 • OP 1210

Studio Art

CARLY M. ROBISON*, KATHRYN E. SUTTON, and KRISTEN N. WILLIAMS (Prof. Matthew Derezinksi, Faculty Mentor)
Design in Motion