Fibers Projects Exhibited in Ophelia Parrish Lobby

Students in Fibers 1 and 2 learned plaiting, coiling, and twining earlier this semester.  They then created sculptural forms which utilized these traditional basketry techniques.  For the final month of the semester, these projects will be on display in the glass exhibition case in the lobby of the Ophelia Parrish building.  Stop by to see these artworks in person!

Allison Behm

Allison Behm; Title: Wish Upon; Clothesline, cotton twine, wax, hand-dyed; Coiling


Mia Hammond; Title: Spontaneity; Copper wire; Twining


Emily VanGelder; Title: Sexual Fluidity; Hand-dyed cotton fabric, wire; Plaiting


Emma Roeder; Title: Full Circles; Rope, commercial and hand-dyed cotton fabric, found objects; Coiling

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