The China Trade

Selection of underglaze blue and white
Photo Credits:  Sara Orel
In the side gallery from October 16th to November 16th is the exhibition “The China Trade: Qing Dynasty export porcelain from Missouri Collections.”  This show, curated by Dr. Sara Orel (Art History) includes objects from the 1640s through the late Qing Dynasty, about 1900. Several pieces are traditional underglaze blue and white from the kilns at Jingdezhen, in southern China, and others are enameled porcelain (of famille verte and famille rose, or green family and pink family, respectively).  Several items come from shipwrecks in Southeast Asian seas, representing trade with England , the Netherlands, and Batavia, now known as Jakarta, in Indonesia.  Highlights of the exhibit include a large famille rose charger painted with carp and water plants and several pieces painted with European-commissioned imagery.  Several local people have loaned objects to the exhibit, as has Elizabeth Porter, who sells porcelain at her antique store in London, United Kingdom.

Show installation in progress