Prof. Xu’s summer

Yu Garden

We identified some of the faculty summer activities in a recent post, but will be highlighting some in the coming weeks.  Here is some great information from Prof. Ping Xu (Visual Communication) about his summer!

"After my visiting designer trip to University of Texas at Arlington and my solo show at University of Texas–Arlington in April, I visited Truman's sister school, Shanghai University during my home trip to Shanghai, and met with Viscomm Prof. Du Shiying of SU's Fine Art College. We had a nice conversation about the upcoming event, the Cross Connections 2012 International Design Exhibition, and a possible summer school student exchange program. In addition, I curate and keep contacts with China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Luxun Academy of Fine Arts, and Sint-Lucas Ghent Belgium".

Stay tuned here for more information about "Cross Connections 2012", which will feature international graphic design from the Central Academy of Fine Arts (China), Luxun Academy of Fine Arts (China), the National School of Fine Arts (Mexico), Shanghai University (China), Sint-Lucas Ghent (Belgium), and The University of Texas – Arlington, The University of Texas – Pan American, and Truman State University, all of which are in the States.

Prof. Xu also kindly shared with us the pictures of Shanghai which appear with this post.