Welcome, Prof. Kelsey Wiskirchen!

Kelsey Wiskirchen, Installation view of Handed On, Polyester thread on cotton gauze, 2012.


Prof. Kelsey Wiskirchen received her BFA in Fibers from Truman
State University in 2009.  In May 2012,
Kelsey completed her MFA in Fibers at the Herberger Institute for Design and
the Arts at Arizona State University.   We
are thrilled to have this Alumni return!  Welcome back, Kelsey!


In 2010, Kelsey traveled to Bolivia to volunteer with
Projecto Artesania Zona Andina, a women’s weaving
cooperative.  While there, Kelsey was
inspired by the empowerment that the women in the cooperative achieved through
weaving.  In 2011, Kelsey received a
Nathan Cummings Travel Fellowship to spend the summer in South Africa with the
Mapusha Weaving Cooperative
There, she learned tapestry rug weaving from the women in the


Continuing to learn and to teach others about textiles
has become Kelsey’s focus.  In addition
to teaching Fibers at Truman State University, Kelsey volunteers with community
groups to help women find healing and empowerment through Fiber Art.  She is also the 2012 Artist-in-Residence at
Craft Alliance in St. Louis, Missouri, where she teaches community classes in


Kelsey’s current studio work focuses on tradition and
connection between women through stories. 
She utilizes weaving and embroidery to document experiences shared by
women and preserve the stories created therein. 
Kelsey’s work will be exhibited in the Truman Art Gallery from September
4 to October 2. 


For more information about Kelsey’s work, please visit


Postcard jpg
.Kelsey Wiskirchen, Dona Maxima and Gabriella, Cotton thread, 2012.

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