Happy Thanksgiving (and feasting)


Photo Credit:  Sara Orel

Last year for Thanksgiving break we featured a picture of luxurious ceramic serving vessels;  this year, again thinking of feasting and celebration, and again from Dr. Sara Orel, a picture from one of her study abroad trips to Cairo in Egypt.  The picture, taken after a huge feast on a boat sailing along the Nile, shows a then-Truman student (now alumna) dancing with two of the trip's taxi drivers.

For more on Dr. Orel's work in Egyptology and travels to Egypt, see this week's great feature on her in Truman's award-winning student newspaper, The Index.

For now, have a happy Thanksgiving and visit us again here at the Art blog after Thanksgiving break for news about Gallery openings, etc.

Saqqara food offerings from an OK mastaba
Ancient Egyptian Old Kingdom mastaba (tomb) from Saqqara showing food offerings being brought to the tomb owner;  the basket includes figs.  Photo Credit:  Sara Orel