Some Student Summer Plans

Truman Art students will be heading off throughout the world this summer…here are some of the plans we've heard about (in no particular order):

Anna Jahn (Studio:  Painting) has received a competitive paid internship at Dreamworks Studios in Hollywood.

Sarah Schneider (Vis Comm) has an internship in the Department of Graphic Design at the Lance Armstrong Foundation, in Austin, Texas.

Erin Semple (Vis Comm) has an internship at Fair City News in Springfield, Missouri and at the Wannenmacher Advertising Agency, also in Springfield.

Alyssa Noe (Vis Comm) has an internship with Windsor Crossing Community Church in St. Louis.

Chelsea Shelton (Vis Comm) has an internship with St. Louis Magazine.

Morgan Sachs (Vis Comm) has an internship with Programming and PR at Dance St. Louis.

Emily James (Vis Comm) has an internship at Nestle Purina.

Huyen Dinh (Vis Comm) has an internship at H&J Productions in Hanoi, VIetnam.

Danielle Hill (Vis Comm) has an internship with the advertising agency Trungale Egan & Associates in Chicago.

Corinne Nagel (Vis Comm) has an internship with the St. Louis Artists' Guild as well as a paid internship with Scottrade in St. Louis in the Multimedia Department doing Flash and After Effect videos.

Andrew Doering (Vis Comm) has an internship doing flash animation and digital signage with New Ground in Chesterfield, Missouri.

Tara Larson (Vis Comm) has an internship with The Web Marketing Group of Marsh Global Consumer, Affinity and Private Client Solutions in Urbandale, Illinois.

Valerie Lazalier (Art History) received a competitive internship with the Harry S. Truman Library and Museum in Independence, Missouri.

Jaime Chambers (Art History) was accepted to participate (and will participate) in a SHUMLA Field Methods in Rock Art archaeological field school in Texas.

Stephanie Barry (Art History) will be interning at the Kirksville Arts Association.

Ruby Jenkins (Art History) will be returning to her summer work and travel in Italy with Travel for Teens as well as working as a preceptor for Truman's Joseph Baldwin Academy.

Congratulations to each and all!