Prof. Kambli Interview & Solo Show


Priya Kambli was recently interviewed about her work by Todd Wemmer (on which features audio interviews and field recordings related to photography).  For the audio of Prof.Kambli's interivew please visit:


In addition, Prof. Kambli has been invited to participate in the  XVI ENCUENTROS ABIERTOS –  FESTIVAL DE LA LUZ 2010 and in particular to present a solo exhibition in the Centro Cultural Recoleta. The Centro Cultural Recoleta is a major cultural arts center in the Buenos Aries community.  This Center will simultaneously present 12 solo exhibitions by artists from around the world: one each from Mexico, Australia, South Korea, Denmark, Holland, Switzerland, five from Argentina, and then Prof. Kambli.

The Center staff writes: 

"These exhibitions at the Centro Cultural Recoleta are themselves a part of the larger festival “Encuentros Abiertos – Festival de la Luz”. This is the 16th edition of a festival celebrated for the first time in Buenos Aires in 1989 with the purpose of creating a space of communication, education, and exchange between photographers of all places and the public. With over 900,00 people visiting 120 participating institutions; this has become one of the most important festivals in Latin America. The Encuentros Abiertos festival is, in turn, associated with a global “Festival of Light” collaboration – with 32 festivals hosted by cities around the world such as Pairs, Arles, Houston, Madrid, Rio de Janeiro, Moscow, Bratislava, Stockholm, Montreal, and Mexico, among others. These festivals have a common website:"

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