Students in Gallery

Fiber piece by Melanie Pailer.

Congratulations to the following students who had their work selected for the Student Art Competition exhibition currently up in the University Art Gallery!  Prof. Mike Sleadd, Chair of the Art Department at Columbia College, juried the exhibition.

Aerin Melvin, Allison Behm, Alyssa Vannoy, Amanda Aichholz, Amanda Bell, Andrea Bright, Andrea Linskey (Juror’s Award), Daniel Riekena, Danielle Naeger, Danielle Tobar, Elizabeth Williamson, Emily Alderson, Emily Bendet, Emily Frierdich, Emma Roeder, Erica Robertson, Hannah Rosell (Juror’s Award), Ian Reed, Jake Wittrock, Jonathan Moeller, Kat Klebenow (Juror’s Award), Kathryn Sutton, Katie Brewer, Kristin Henry, Lauren Thomeczek (Juror’s Award), Linh Dao, Lona Moody, Mason Einspahr (Student Union Purchase Prize), Meghan Doil, Melanie Pailer (Student Union Purchase Prize), Melissa Aholt, Ravelle Lucero, Sara Cantrell, Steven Boos, and Susan Zhu.

The exhibition will be open through Tuesday, April 16th.  The University Art Gallery is located in Ophelia Parrish 1114 and all Gallery events are free and open to the public.  Hope to see you there!