Alumna at the National Park Service


Alumna Adrien Keables (Art History and History, '08) recently sent this picture of her during her work as a Park Ranger in Interpretation at Glacier National Park.  The picture shows Adrien at the left helping two Junior Rangers show off a wolverine pelt.

Adrien had this to say about the way her Art History degree helped her in this work:

When people look at art, they all bring their own perspectives, experiences, and ideas; everyone gets something different out of it.  The same thing happens when people encounter nature or wilderness.  For an interpreter, the trick comes in finding out a little bit about visitors' perspectives, meeting them where they are, and then working from there.  Imagine you're outside talking to a group of people and a deer walks by.  Now, kids who grew up on Bambi will respond differently than, say, a hunter, or someone who can't keep deer out of her garden, or even someone who has only ever seen a wild animal in a zoo.  The interpreter in this instance has to talk to all those people at once and help them appreciate and understand the deer beyond their first reaction.  That's the idea anyway.  A lot like taking your extended family to an art museum.

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