Student and Alumni Accomplishments

  • Kelsey Wiskirchen received an assistantship/scholarship to attend University of Arizona (Fibers MFA).
  • Allison Meadows continues her work in Art History and Anthropology at Oxford University in the UK.
  • Katharyn Reed is now serving in the Peace Corps teaching art at the School for the Deaf in Ghana.
  • Dr. John Garton finished his first year as professor of Art History at Clark University in Massachusetts.
  • Dr. Mike Murawski is employed as School Services Director at the St. Louis Art Museum.
  • Valarie Lazalier and Ruby Jenkins are returning from study abroad in Italy and Sam Lyons from study abroad in France.
  • Megan Dowdy received multiple awards including Best of Show at the 5th Annual Design Conference in Dallas, Texas.
  • Victoria Weaver's illustration work was also accepted 5th Annual Design Conference.
  • Megan Dowdy and Victoria Weaver's design and illustration work were accepted and published in Creative Quarterly 15 Magazine.
  • Rosemary Melton received an internship to work at Firecracker Press running letterpress and screenprinting.
  • Galen Gibson-Cornell received a research grant to study lithography.
  • James Lang (BFA Painting – 2009)is pursuing a law degree.
  • Alex Merchant (BFA Painting) accepted a position with Residential Life at University of Arizona.
  • Heather Macionus (BFA Painting – 2007) is the studio manager for Swoon, a street artist turned renouned installation artist.
  • Dusty Folwarczny has a sculpture piece in the 2009 Lakefront Sculpture Exhibit in Chicago

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