Renaissance Art in St. Louis!

Study Abroad pictures (old)
Some of the students who participated in the trip in front of the St. Louis Art Museum

A group of students, mostly Art History majors and mostly from ART324 Renaissance Art and ART428 Topics in Art History:  Reading Michelangelo recently visited two exhibitions in St. Louis. Students went to the St. Louis Art Museum to see a wonderful exhibition entitled "The Mourners".  This show featured stunning alabaster sculptures originally made for the tomb of Jean sans Peur (John the Fearless), Duke of Burgundy who died in 1419;  these late Medieval/early Renaissance works were paired with an early twenty-first-century video installation by the American artist Bill Viola entitled Visitation.  In addition, at the Vatican Splendors show at the Missouri History Museum, students had the chance to see autograph documents by artists such as Michelangelo and Bernini as well as a sculpture probably by Michelangelo, as well as lots of other items from the Vatican collections in Rome.  In addition, students had the chance to meet with Truman alumni Dr. Mike Murawski (Director of School Services, St. Louis Art Museum) and Ms. Lisa Gilbert (Education Coordinator, Missouri History Museum) to discuss musuem work, education in the museum settings, and internships available through both organizations.

One of the mourner figures for the tomb of John the Fearless