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Opportunity to be a legislative intern in Jefferson City

November 12, 2010

Truman State is still accepting applications for Jefferson City Interns this Spring Semester. Successful applicants will have earned 60 hours of academic credit before the spring, have an overall GPA of 2.75 or above, and receive the approval of the Provost. The internship earns 15 hours of academic credit and students also receive a monthly […]

New Christianity course open for Spring 2011 registration

November 10, 2010

Message from Professor Jesse: The erstwhile Blake seminar is now dead for this next semester. But it will arise from the dead in another semester coming soon! I’ll be offering the PHRE 301 Christianity course this Spring semester instead; it should be open for registration today or tomorrow. It will be offered on T&R at […]

2010 PHRE Conference this weekend!

November 6, 2010

Find out the exciting details here. Please note that the conference is being held in the Student Union’s Georgian Room, not the Conference Room as previously advertised.

Registration-related clarification about Spring 2011’s PHRE 476: Blake Seminar

From Professor Jesse: There has been some confusion over the registrar’s designation of the PHRE 400-level courses for next semester. My 476 Blake seminar was designated as “Senior Seminar,” which really should be used only to refer to our required 475 senior seminar course. That problem should now be fixed. I want to clarify that […]

PHRE Club reminder from William Franks

November 4, 2010

Our Philosophy/Religion Club meetings have been going quite well.  Next week’s topic is on questions Personal Identity or a sense of the Self.  As a reminder, our meeting times are Monday, 4:30-5:30pm in Baldwin 350.  Requirements for coming may consist of: liking to think, liking to talk about what you think, and liking to listen […]

2010 PHRE Conference schedule now posted

You can find it here.