PHRE Senior Seminar schedule for the week of April 22-26

PHRE Senior Seminar schedule for the week of April 22-26

PHRE Senior Seminar schedule for the week of April 22-26

April 20, 2013

Monday, April 22

BH 262:

10:30-11 Sophia Allen:  The Third Way: Jesus as a Nonviolent Person” (Faculty Respondent: Jennifer Jesse; Thesis Director: Mike Ashcraft)

c. 11-11:30 Benjamin Batzer: “Finding the Death-of-God in Kenotic Theology” (Faculty Respondent: Jennifer Jesse; Thesis Director: Mark Appold)

c. 11:30-12 Jasmine Johnson: “The Lord is There: Crusade Jihad, and the Myth of Jerusalem” (Faculty Director: Dereck Daschke; Thesis Director: Mark Appold)

BH 346:

4:30 Kyle Goff: “Video Games as Religion” (Faculty Respondent: Jay Self; Thesis Director: Dereck Daschke)

c. 5:00 Samantha Wickham: “Bridging Fundamental Gaps in Moral High Ground” (Faculty Respondent: Lloyd Pflueger; Mike Ashcraft)

Tuesday, April 24

BH 262

9 am Rachel Marx: “Please Be Not Silent” (Faculty Respondent: Betty McLane-Iles; Thesis Advisor: Dereck Daschke)

Wednesday, April 24

BH 262:

10:30 Amy Johnson (Faculty Respondent: Ding-hwa Hsieh; Thesis Director: Mark Appold)

11:30 Matt Grose (Faculty Respondent: Natalie Alexander; Thesis Director: Chad Mohler)

BH 346

3:30 Evan Richardson, “Identifying the “We” in I and Thou”

(Faculty Respondent: Rodney Taylor; Thesis Directors: James Cianciola, David Murphy)

Thursday, April 25

BH 346

3:00 Carrie Weber, “Pro-Choice Christianity: A Feminist Theological Reclamation of the Sanctity of Life”

Friday, April 26

BH 262

10:30 am  Sean Collins, “A Reconciliation of Sharia and Civil Law” (Faculty Respondent: Tom Zoumaras; Thesis Director: Mark Appold)

MC 212

3 pm:  Matthew Helis, “Bushido, the Heritage and Legacy of the Samurai” (Faculty Respondent: Lloyd Pflueger; Thesis Director: Ding-hwa Hsieh)

3:30 pm:  Ryan Nely, “Faith, Conflict, and the Quest for a More Perfect Union: Religion in the 2008 Presidential Election”



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