December Board of Governors Meeting and Approval of 2023 Salary Increases

December Board of Governors Meeting and Approval of 2023 Salary Increases

December 5, 2022

Dear Colleagues:

The Truman State University Board of Governors met this past weekend participating in a working session, committee meetings, and a board meeting where they approved several impactful action items.  In addition to approving minutes from their last meeting, the Board elected officers and assigned committee membership for the 2023 calendar year.  New officers who will take office for a term of one year commencing at the first regular meeting of the calendar year are Cheryl J. Cozette, Chair; Nancy Gingrich, Vice Chair; and Philip C. Christofferson, Secretary.

Salary Policies for 2023
In terms of action items, the Board approved Salary Policies for 2023.  The approved salary increases take effect January 1, 2023, for employees on the payroll as of that date, unless an employment agreement indicates otherwise.

Non-tenure track faculty salaries will increase by at least $1,500, with some individual salaries increasing up to $6,600.  Tenure track and tenured faculty salaries will increase by at least $1,000, with some salaries increasing up to $3,000.  These increases were determined through the work of the Faculty Compensation Committee with the goal to make Truman’s compensation policies more competitive.  The major focus for 2023 is raising the starting and current salaries of non-tenure track faculty.

Staff will receive a three percent increase in salary.  Non-exempt staff with 10 or more years of service as of January 1, will receive an adjustment of $.10 per hour in addition to the three percent increase.

Salary letters for staff will not be issued; however, faculty will receive a letter from Interim Provost McAdams reflecting the amount that their base salary will increase.  In addition, each employee’s Employee Position and Compensation information, which can be found on TruView under Employee Tools, will be updated after the first of the year.  For questions, staff should contact Payroll, and faculty should contact the Office of the Provost.

Chapter 6 of the Code of Policies of the Board of Governors
The Board approved proposed modifications to Chapter 6 of their Code of Policies related to Academic Affairs-Faculty.  The approved modifications include clarifications involving non-tenure-track faculty roles, titles, and ranks, in addition to how years of service are calculated, notification dates for nonrenewal decisions, and sabbatical timing and deferral.

Housing and Food Plan Charges
Housing and food plan charges effective with the 2023 Fall Semester were approved.  The Board approved an average increase of 7.7% for apartment and double room rates, an average increase of 8.7% for single room rates, and an average increase in meal plans of 7.7% to offset increased costs related to utilities, food, and labor.  The most common combination selected by students is a double occupancy room with a 15 meals/week board plan.  The overall increase proposed for this configuration is 7.7% and is competitive with housing costs at other universities.

Defeasance of the University’s Outstanding Housing System Refunding Revenue Bonds
The Board approved a resolution authorizing the defeasance of (e.g. paying off) a series of bonds issued to fund renovations to the housing system given the University’s available financial reserves.

Greenwood Interprofessional Autism Center Phase 2 Project
Phase 2 of the Greenwood Interprofessional Autism Center was approved.  This project will complete work on the second floor of Greenwood including rooms designed for music therapy, rehabilitation therapy, and future clinical rooms, and the existing gym space will be repurposed to provide a large multi-purpose area.  U.S. Senator Roy Blunt secured funding for this project via the Congressionally Directed Spending program with funding through the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

New Academic Programs
Six new academic programs were approved subject to the approval of the Missouri Coordinating Board for Higher Education.  This is an area of particular importance to the Board, and I thank all who were involved in the development of these new academic programs.

  • Certificate in Data Science Foundations
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design
  • Bachelor of Science in Cannabis and Natural Medicinals
  • Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science
  • Master of Science in Music Therapy
  • Master of Arts in Counseling: Rehabilitation Counseling

Professional Leaves
The Board approved faculty Sabbaticals for the 2023-24 Academic Year.  Please join me in congratulating the following faculty members.  We look forward to hearing about the impactful outcomes of their sabbatical work.

2023-24 Academic Year
Jack Davis, Associate Professor of German
Stacy Davis, Associate Professor of Spanish
Lindsey Dunnagan, Associate Professor of Art
Chad Montgomery, Professor of Biology

2023 Fall Semester
Yuna Ferguson, Associate Professor of Psychology

2024 Spring Semester
Enrique Pareja, Associate Professor of STEM Education

Finally, in terms of reports, Dr. Anton Daughters, Associate Professor of Anthropology, and Dr. Yuna Ferguson spoke regarding the proposed renewal notification dates for non-tenure track faculty in the public comment section of the meeting.  The Board reviewed financial reports and heard reports from their morning committee meetings, and I provided a President’s Report which included an update on the search for the next Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost and Truman’s inclusion in America’s Crossroads Bowl.

A copy of the open session agenda can be found on the Board of Governors website located at  The next regular meeting of the Board of Governors is scheduled for Saturday, February 4, 2023

I wish you a fantastic end to the fall semester and a joyful holiday season!

All the best,