April 21, 2021

Dear Truman Community:

The guilty verdict in the trial of Derek Chauvin for the death of George Floyd is not the realization of justice; it is a first necessary step toward it.  Accountability is essential for justice.

As we affirmed last summer, social justice can only be realized when we confront the racial injustice and inequity legacies of the past, acknowledge the realities of the present, and do the real work to achieve an equitable future for all people.

To advance our ongoing work to achieve social justice for all, please join us on Tuesday, April 27, for a Day of Solidarity.  The day will include spaces and focus groups to process thoughts and feelings about cases of social injustices nationwide; a wall/banner to provide visual statements of solidarity; a community dialogue – Same Story, Different Cops: Social Impacts of the Chauvin Trial; and a candlelight ceremony to recognize all lives lost to violence.  Details will be shared soon.

Best regards,