COVID-19 Update: Labor of Love

COVID-19 Update: Labor of Love

September 4, 2020

Dear Truman Faculty, Staff and Students,

In any other year, today would be the beginning of a long holiday weekend.  Marking the end of the summer, Labor Day weekend often involves traveling, large social gatherings, or other activities that are not appropriate in the midst of a pandemic.  So, in this very different year, we will be together on Labor Day as a labor of love – a love of what is so special about being on campus and our intent and goal to remain on campus for the entire semester.

While it is natural to be disappointed about what we cannot do because of the pandemic, it is essential to recognize what we can do because we are together on campus.  For example, having spontaneous, meaningful conversations, meeting new friends for life, and trying things we have never done before are possible because we are here.

We are doing well in our mission to remain on campus and experience everything that is special about being together, but we must not let our guard down.  Each and every one of us – students, faculty, and staff – must own the fact that our individual decisions directly impact the ability of others to pursue their on-campus goals.  We must hold ourselves accountable and support one another to be smart about our behaviors.  Our decisions do matter.

In celebration of us “laboring” together to achieve our goals, please stop by the Quad on Labor Day, this coming Monday, September 7, from 11:00 a.m. – 1:45 p.m. for Truman swag and treats.

Be safe and be well,