COVID Info and Announcements: Flu Vaccines and FREE COVID Testing

I’m sure that you, like many of us, are feeling COVID-weary. It is important to remember, however, that the virus does not get weary. It just keeps right on trying to infect us! Though our COVID-positive numbers on campus are still relatively good, they are continuing to increase. Thus, this reminder: it is important that we continue to practice the infection-preventing habits of avoiding large gatherings, wearing masks consistently (both on and off campus), and washing our hands frequently! We all want to make it safely to the end of the semester and to protect the health of our fellow students, faculty, and staff.

Now, for some good news: The Adair County Health Department has made available to us fifty (50) free doses of flu vaccine. We are offering these free doses first to uninsured students. Just walk in to the Health Center any morning this week and verify that you are uninsured and we will give you your vaccination! If any of those fifty doses are unused, beginning next week they will be available to any student on a first-come, first-serve basis. We are very thankful to the Health Department for providing this to us.

And, a 2nd bit of good news. There is now another place for FREE Covid testing. Hy Vee is offering free testing on Tuesday & Thursday mornings from 7 am to 9 am. It is also available on Saturdays from 8-10 am. You must first register online at, where a voucher will be provided that you present at the time of your testing. You can print out the voucher or just write down the number to provide to the Hy Vee personnel. You administer the test yourself, with instructions, and results are emailed to you within 3-4 days. Any positive test should be reported to the Student Health Center so that we may continue to provide accurate public numbers and ensure appropriate on-campus housing and meal service.

Thank you for all you’ve been doing to observe our masking policies and restrictions on gatherings. Without your cooperation, we would not have been able to have on-campus classes and activities. Truman students are truly the best!


Brenda Higgins, EdD, APRN-BC, FNP
Assoc. VP for Student Health and Wellness