Classical & Modern Languages

  • Ross Jones selected as ‘22-’23 Fulbright Mentor for Galicia, Spain.

    April 28, 2022

    Congratulations to MAE alumnus Ross Jones (BA Spanish ‘20, MAE-FL Instruction ‘21) for being selected as the ‘22-’23 Fulbright Mentor for Galicia, Spain. In addition to his duties as a mentor for the 40 other Fulbright grantees in the region, Ross will also teach English in a local high school. Ross writes, “I am very […]

  • Zyanya Hernández wins prestigious award from the Spanish Government.

    Congratulations to recent CML graduate (BA Spanish and French ’20) and MAE-FL Instruction (’21) Zyanya Hernández for being chosen to teach in Spain next year!!! Zyanya writes, “I am honored to be a part of the NALCAP Auxiliaries program for the 2022-2023 Spanish School Year in Andalucía, Spain. I will be serving as an English Teacher […]

  • Abby Gunn wins two awards

    April 26, 2022

    Congratulations to MAE graduate student Abby Gunn (BA French ’21, MAE-FL Instruction ’22) for winning TWO HUGE awards: one from Truman’s Education Department and another from the Foreign Language Association of Missouri (FLAM). Abby writes: “I am so honored to receive the Outstanding Graduate Student in Education K-12 award. I couldn’t have done it without […]

  • Dr. David Wen receives Academic Innovation Award

    April 25, 2022

    Dr. Wen was recognized for his “Creativity-Based Language Teaching” method. Incorporating the latest research findings from second language studies and learning sciences, this method promotes the creative use of the target language as the goal of learning. Learning a second language in this way leads to integrated and dynamic knowledge of the language, which is […]

  • Elana Sanders-Braxton was elected as 2022-2023 Megale Prytanis (President)

    April 21, 2022

    On 9 April 2022 Truman Classics students and their advisors (Norgard and Thomas) attended the 94th Annual Convention of Eta Sigma Phi, the national collegiate honor society for the study of Classics. Truman students competed in Classics trivia games, participated in business meetings, listened to student papers, enjoyed a singer-songwriter’s original rendition of the Iliad, […]

  • Leah Anderson-Little received a Fulbright Scholarship to be an English Teaching Assistant in Galicia, Spain

    April 13, 2022

    Congratulations to Leah Anderson-Little (BA Spanish ‘21, MAE ’22) who has just received a prestigious Fulbright Scholarship to be an English Teaching Assistant (ETA) in Galicia, Spain!! Leah will be there from September to June next year, assisting in a Spanish classroom as an English teacher. Currently finishing up her student teaching internship in Spanish/ESOL, […]

  • Devin Johnson to teach an Upward Bound Spanish course this summer.

    April 6, 2022

    Devin Johnson (B.A. French ‘22; MAE-FL instruction ‘24) has recently been chosen to teach an Upward Bound Spanish course this summer. Upward Bound is a federally-funded TRIO program that assists qualifying high school students in building the skills and motivation necessary for college success. Upward Bound does this by providing students with academic skill development, […]

  • Dr. Stacy Davis chosen as FLAM Spotlight of the Month

    April 3, 2022

    Dr. Stacy Davis (B.A. Hoilins College, M.L.A. University of Richmond, Ph.D. Washington University in St. Louis) has taught Spanish for twenty-four years, starting in middle and high schools in Virginia, and now at the university level. She is currently in her sixth year at Truman State university, teaching language, literature, and culture. With a specialty […]

  • Dr. Amy Norgard to give Faculty Forum lecture on video games (April 7, 2022 at 6:00)

    March 31, 2022

    The literature, myths, art, and history of ancient Greece and Rome have long fascinated later generations, becoming the subject of retellings and reinterpretations. For our generation, video games are a major area of reception of Classical antiquity, but are relatively unexplored by scholarship. From the early days of the medium, a subset of video games […]

  • Emily Johnson awarded research grant

    March 21, 2022

    Emily Johnson (BA Modern Languages-Spanish ‘23; MAE Spanish- Language Instruction ‘24) was just awarded $3500 from the Office of Student Research to fund her Summer 2022 TruScholars project, “Revamping Poor Teaching L2 Vocabulary Teaching Practices.” In collaboration with her mentor, Dr. Stacy Davis, Emily will conduct research as a part of Spanish courses offered by […]