Casting for Directors’ Showcase

Auditions for the Fall Directors’ Showcase will take place at 5 p.m. Oct. 8 in the Black Box Theatre, Ophelia Parrish 2302.

Nine new directors will be looking for actors for the showcase, which runs Dec. 6-8 in the Severns Theatre. Actors should prepare 60 seconds of material that shows how they move and talk. Examples include: reciting a list of their best jokes, doing a dramatic reading of a Drake song, performing a monologue, doing yoga while reciting a roommate’s annoying morning routine, etc. Ultimately, interested actors need to do something that will grab the directors’ attention and make them remember the actor’s performance.

On each night of the final performances, the directing class presents a different set of one act plays written by some of the best playwrights from around the country. The following plays will be divided between the two nights

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