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  • Archaeological Field School in the Alaska Susitna River Valley

    February 18, 2011

    The Adelphi University Department of Anthropology welcomes graduate and undergraduate students interested in Anthropology or related discipline to join our 2011 archaeological field school in the beautiful Alaska Susitna River valley. In addition to participation in an ongoing research program, students will experience unspoiled Alaska wilderness, acquire important technological skills using state-of-the-art field based research […]


    The Journal of Undergraduate Anthropology, which is now accepting submissions from students, was founded this year at Binghamton University. Issue one is slated to come out in May. Potential submissions may include research papers, write-ups of study abroad experiences (“ethnographies”), field school reports, photos, and others. Full details on submission requirements can be found at […]

  • 7th Annual MU Life Sciences and Society Symposium

    Dr. Bonnie Mitchell invites students to join her in Columbia for the 7th Annual MU Life Sciences and Society Symposium
March 18-20, 2011: Ethics and the Brain For several decades now, neuroscientists have used technology to produce images of the brain in action.  But what do such pictures tell us?  Should they change the way we […]