Students Receive Recognition for Research Projects

Students Receive Recognition for Research Projects

April 10, 2018

The Department of Society & Environment recognizes the following students for the quality of their Student Research Conference projects, including preparation and presentation:

  • Best Paper in Sociology/ Anthropology:
    • Natalie Mitten for Social Support, Trauma, and Identity: A Study of Truman Students’ Mental Health (Faculty Mentor, Dr. Paul Shapiro)
  • Honorable Mention Papers in Sociology/ Anthropology:
    • Clare Mattione for Adderall: Truman Students’ Habits and Attitudes (Faculty Mentor, Dr. Anton Daughters)
    • Maria Remolina for Cold-Hearted or Just Cold? Correlations of Environment, Society and Divorce (Faculty Mentor, Dr. Amber Johnson)
    • Alexandra Vietor for What Remains When the World Ends: A Content Analysis of Cultural Values Reflected in Dystopian Film (Faculty Mentor, Dr. Anton Daughters)
    • Susan Whitmar for Stress and Other Aspects of Smoking Among Truman Undergraduates (Faculty Mentor, Dr. Paul Shapiro)
    • Margaret Wilcox for Word Order and Latitude (Faculty Mentor, Dr. Amber Johnson)
  • Best Poster in Sociology/ Anthropology:
    • Rachel Nielsen
    for Understanding Gender Dynamics in Restaurant Service Work (Faculty Mentor, Dr. Victoria Mayer)
  • Honorable Mention Posters in Sociology/ Anthropology:
    • Deja Bolton
    for Expressions of Creativity Among Majors (Faculty Mentors, Dr. Paul Shapiro and Dr. Amber Johnson)
    • Halle Dollins for Does an Individual’s Personal Beliefs Affect Their Perceptions and Use of Pornography? (Faculty Mentors, Dr. Paul Shapiro and Dr. Amber Johnson)
    • Lauren Gieseking for How Tall is too Tall? The Effect of an Individual’s Height on the Probability of a Romantic Relationship (Faculty Mentor, Dr. Amber Johnson)
    Caitlyn Lee for Amish Reality TV: A Thematic Assessment (Faculty Mentor, Dr. Cory Anderson)
    • Rachel Smith for Hypersexualization and Representation of Women in Netflix Original Films (Faculty Mentor, Dr. Victoria Mayer)

Poster Session at Truman's Student Research Conference

PHOTO: Alex Vietor, Michael Clark, and Rachel Nielsen at the 2018 Student Research Conference Poster Session (Photo by Paul Shapiro)