COVID-19 Update: Semester Ends, Data Worries

Dear Truman community,

Our current cases dropped this week (see table below), but because of changes to how county-level data is being reported, we have less confidence in these numbers than we had before. Our Adair County Health Department has not made a public decision about how these changes were implemented, but we have seen news reports detailing the effects in other counties.

This five-minute video explains our current numbers, our data worries, and some glimmers about omicron.

Overall, our semester count of ~80 campus cases is much better than last year, when we had about 300 campus cases in the fall and 200 in the spring. Still, Adair county is showing a huge spike right now, so please do be thoughtful and intentional as you think about your holiday travel:

As we wind down the semester, we hope you have a relaxing break, and that you do take steps to reduce stress where you can. Similarly, additional Sleep, Exercise, and healthy eating are good for your general health, and also help your body’s immune system stay strong.


This is our last update of the fall semester. In the spring, we will continue to do occasional updates and videos as we can.

Although we aim these updates at our faculty and the campus community, please do share this information or the video with students in your classes, with parents, and elsewhere. This information is shared with all students via their COVID Blackboard page, sent directly to all Truman faculty and staff, and shared on our public web page here:

If you have questions or topics you’d like to know more about, please contact us at:

-Faculty Senate COVID-19 Working Group
Nancy Daley-Moore, PhD, Health Science
Christine Harker, PhD, English
Scott Alberts, PhD, Statistics

Active Cases
in Isolation
Week Student Fac/Staff Fall 2021 Total
Aug 24 6 2 0 525
Aug 31 21 0 8 533
Sep 7 13 1 23 548
Sep 14 9 0 33 558
Sep 21 3 0 42 567
Sep 28 1 0 46 571
Oct 5 5 0 46 571
Oct 12 3 0 51 576
Oct 19 0 0 54 579
Oct 26 0 0 54 579
Nov 2 3 0 54 579
Nov 9 1 0 56 581
Nov 16 0 0 57 582
Nov 23 1 1 57 582
Nov 30 4 2 57 582
Dec 7 10 0 65 590
Dec 14 3 3 73 598


From December 14th onward, some county-level data may not be included in our counts.

The next update will be in January.

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