COVID-19 update, Survey Results and Winter is Coming

Dear Truman Community,

Our video is longer this week (12 minutes), but we go into some detail about the survey we did and the verification effort put on by the President’s office, HR, and Student Health:

Active Cases
in Isolation
Week Student Fac/Staff Total
Aug 24 6 2 525
Aug 31 21 0 533
Sep 7 13 1 548
Sep 14 9 0 558
Sep 21 3 0 567

is pretty great. The county has also seen some decline in cases, so we hope that continues.

We were joined by CASE Senior Student Consultant, Madison Ingerman-Fitzgerald, who explained the results of the campus survey that concluded last week. Of those who reported, over 90% reported being vaccinated, but we do worry about predicting vax rates for those who didn’t respond. You can read the preliminary report here:

We discussed the continuation of the mask mandate on campus, which didn’t surprise any of us.

Remember that masks go over your mouth AND nose.

We also talked about the verification survey done by the President’ office, HR, and Student Health and the new incentives announced this week for student groups and for faculty/staff. They’d like to have full campus participation by November 5th, so that the next mask decision can be well informed by verified information.

We concluded by discussing the weather change. With more indoors activities, we remind you to be thoughtful of the choices you’re making. Please avoid spending extended periods of time in poorly ventilated spaces with unmasked, unvaccinated people. If you can’t do all of the things, try to do as many as you can.

Finally, flu shots are coming soon. Please consider getting a flu shot as soon as you are able. Flu is different from COVID, but severe cases of both are horrible.


Although we aim these updates at our campus community, please do share this information or the video with students in your classes, with parents, and elsewhere. This information is shared with all students via their COVID Blackboard page and sent directly to all Truman faculty and staff, and shared on our public web page here:

If you have questions or topics you’d like to know more about, please contact us at:

-Faculty Senate COVID-19 Working Group
Nancy Daley-Moore, PhD, Health Science
Christine Harker, PhD, English
Scott Alberts, PhD, Statistics

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