COVID-19 Update, 9/14/2021: Keep It Up!

Dear Truman Community,

This four-minute video summarizes this week’s COVID numbers with some context.

Our campus numbers have dropped again, which is good news.

Active Cases
in Isolation
Week Student Fac/Staff Total
Aug 24 6 2 525
Aug 31 21 0 533
Sep 7 13 1 548
Sep 14 9 0 558

We are seeing an upswing in people who aren’t sick with COVID, but with other “crud” – it’s allergy season, the air quality is worse than usual due in part to the smoke from out west, and it’s just the time of year when people get colds and sniffles. Although our campus attendance policy is back in force this semester, it’s probably good for faculty to continue to be flexible when they can, since having sick students in our class isn’t a great idea, whether it’s COVID, the flu, or something less sinister.

If you have any symptoms, we do encourage you to get tested. We still have multiple testing options at multiple locations in the community.

We also want to remind everyone to not get lazy despite these improved numbers. This is a lower-energy part of the semester, with the excitement from a new semester dying down and Fall Break still a month away. Please continue to wear your masks properly when in campus buildings.

Thanks to everyone who completed our campus COVID survey. We should have some initial results to report next week, and should also know more from the HR/Student Health verification program where people were asked to update their vaccine cards.

By the weekend, we’ll also hear about the scheduled reconsideration of our campus mask policy. Our friends at Mizzou decided to keep their mask policy for another month, although their situation is different than ours.

Although we aim these updates at our campus community, please do share this information or the video with students in your classes, with parents, and elsewhere. This information is shared with all students via their COVID Blackboard page and sent directly to all Truman faculty and staff, and shared on our public web page here:

If you have questions or topics you’d like to know more about, please contact us at:

-Faculty Senate COVID-19 Working Group
Nancy Daley-Moore, PhD, Health Science
Christine Harker, PhD, English
Scott Alberts, PhD, Statistics

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