List FACSTAFF: Updates Regarding Masks and Vaccines for Employees

Dear Campus Community:

COVID-19 vaccines are currently not mandatory for employees, but they are strongly encouraged. The mask mandate was lifted beginning July 6 for anyone who has been fully vaccinated, per CDC guidelines. Those who are not vaccinated should continue to wear a mask.

Initially, when Truman had no cases on campus, the University was operating under the honor system. With two confirmed cases in a week, the guidelines for employees have been adjusted. When an office or working group has a positive COVID test in their area, all employees within that group will be asked to show proof of their vaccination status to Human Resources to continue to not wear a mask.

Those employees who are not vaccinated, or who choose not to disclose that information, should continue to wear a mask while indoors for the foreseeable future, unless they are alone in a private office. If employees later decide to become vaccinated, or to disclose their vaccination status, they can update their information with Human Resources.

In order to assist with enforcement, supervisors will be informed by Human Resources who is allowed to go without a mask. Employees should not ask one another about vaccination status or whether they intend to get the vaccine. Employees wearing a mask should not be asked about that decision, as some vaccinated employees may still wish to wear a mask for a variety of reasons. Employees who choose to disclose that they are not vaccinated should not be asked why they have chosen not to receive the vaccine.

If an employee tests positive, or has been in contact with someone who tested positive, they should contact their supervisor and Human Resources. Updated guidelines regarding quarantine can be found on the Health and Wellness page of the University’s coronavirus website. Employees with questions about this process can contact Human Resources at 660.785.4031, by email at or by stopping by McClain Hall 101.

Human Resources
Truman State University
McClain Hall 101
100 E. Normal Avenue
Kirksville, MO 63501
(660) 785-4031

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