Message from Student Health Center

Dear Students,

I want to thank each of you for your cooperation in maintaining our good practices of mask-wearing, social distancing and frequent handwashing. However, this is the time in the semester (and after a long year of pandemic) when it is easy to get lax. You may know other students who have contracted COVID and recovered without any major problem. That has been the case for our students so far. Yet, we know there is the possibility that some of our high-risk students, faculty or staff could suffer terribly if they were to be infected. Research is also suggesting that COVID can have recurring effects so avoiding transmission and/or getting the virus is still significant even for those who are not high-risk.

At this point in time, it appears that our student cases have been unrelated to classroom activities. Most cases have been associated with off-campus events or social activities where students have let down their guard. So, I’m asking you to remember the same good practices, while studying in the library, in your residence hall or when you are off campus, that you adhere to while on campus.  I’m also asking that you carefully consider your spring break plans so that we don’t experience outbreaks upon return to Truman. Avoid large gatherings and consider testing prior to return to school.

I want to make sure you are aware that the Student Health Center is doing free rapid testing for any student who is symptomatic or has had contact with a positive case. Additionally, any student who has arrived recently from outside the US can be tested. You just need to call 660-785-4182 to schedule your appointment. Fees will still be charged for any other testing required, such as strep throat, mono or influenza but no fees for office visits, Zoom visits or rapid testing for COVID.

Also, there is a glimmer of good news. Generally, this is the season where the Student Health Center sees many cases of influenza. Because of our good infection-control measures, we have seen zero cases of flu this winter.

So, keep up the good work…re-commit to maintaining our good infection-control measures…and enjoy a socially distanced walk in the snow!

In good health,

Dr. Higgins