Early Progress Grades for Fall 2020

Dear student,

Early Progress Grades for full-term 100-200 level courses for the fall 2020 semester are available via TruView. When you log in to view your grades, you will either see:

  1. nothing because your instructor did not submit a grade or progress report for your 100-200 level courses,
  2. a grade listed,
  3. a grade and “Progress Report” listed to the right side of the course, or
  4. “Progress Report” listed to the right side of the course.  If you click on “Progress Report”, you will see what comment(s) the faculty member of the course entered for you.

To view your grades, log in to TruView, click on the Student Tab; then click on Early Progress Reports under the Student Data Channel/Box-Course & Grades Tab.

Below are the predetermined comments a faculty member could select for a student. Following these options, a faculty member could also type in individualized comments and they would be displayed for you to read.

Y         The student is making satisfactory progress in the class.

The student is not making satisfactory progress in the class.

Reasons for academic difficulty

Frequent absences from class

Failure to complete and turn in assignments

Poor performance on quizzes, exams, and/or class assignments

Lack of class participation


Example Individualized Comments: I continue to appreciate your positive engagement in the classroom. Keep up the good work.

Even though all of the predetermined comments are listed, the only comments that apply to your progress in the class are the ones that have a “Y” by the comment and any individualized comments the faculty member may type in after the word “Comments”.  So in this case, the student is making satisfactory progress in the class and the faculty member appreciates the student’s engagement in the class.

If you have academic concerns with your course(s), be sure to contact your professor(s).  If you have questions about how to read your Early Progress report, contact the Registrar’s Office at x4143 or registrar@truman.edu.

Nancy Asher, Registrar
Truman State University
100 E. Normal Avenue
Kirksville, MO 63501
Fax: 660-785-7396