Fall Math Capstone Talks

Fall Math Capstone Talks

December 1, 2021

Fall 2021 Math Capstone talks with take place on Tuesday, December 7th and Wednesday, December 8th.

Tuesday, Dec 7th. VH1224

6:00pm Angela Stamilio Pell’s Equation

6:25pm Clare Wacker The RSA System of Cryptography

6:50pm Kathryn Pietka Multidimensional Scaling

7:15pm Hayato Miyazaki  Health Technology Assessment Based on Markov Chains and Simulation

7:40pm Son Vu  Composite Appending Sequences in Base 3

8:05pm Samantha Shirk The Equivalence of Side-Angle-Side and Side-Side-Side in Absolute Geometry

8:30pm Isabelle Albers  The Knapsack Algorithm as a Trapdoor Function

8:55pm  Tyler Beauregard  Sprague-Grundy Theorem and Impartial Games

Wednesday, Dec 8th. VH1228

4:00pm Sarah Landgraf  The Significance of Imaginary Numbers

4:25pm Katelyn Low The Mathematics Behind Redistricting

4:50pm  Sarah Bellm Primality Testing and Cryptography

5:15pm Kelli Ellis QR factorization

5:40pm  Ethan Hemmer Life Insurance and Contingent Annuities

6:05pm  Andy Swanson  Markov Chains and their Applications to Actuarial Science

6:30pm  Garrett Gifford Finding Ranks of Matrices

6:55pm  Andrew Vazquez  The Undecidability of the Word Problem in Group Theory