Students (Current and Recently Graduated) and Faculty Represent Truman at Missouri Conference on History in Kansas City

Professor Marc Becker, Department of History, chaired a session on “Imperialism and Resistance in Latin America” at the Missouri Conference on History held in Kansas City, Missouri, March 6-8, 2019. On the same panel, History major Shannon Fetzner delivered a paper entitled “Assimilation, Resistance, or Both? Indigenous Responses to Christianity in Colonial Peru.”

On the session “Otherness and Othering in Diverse Settings and Contexts,” Truman was represented by current student Anne Morgan, whose paper “Modernizing Migrants: Truman’s Commission on Migratory Labor and an ‘American Standard of Living’” was based on research conducted during a summer internship at the Harry S. Truman Presidential Library and Museum in Independence, Missouri. Participating on the  same panel were recent Truman graduate Houston Roberts, with a presentation based on the capstone paper he prepared under the supervision of Professor Torbjorn Wandel and entitled “Birth of a Klavern: The Rise of the Ku Klux Klan in St. Joseph, Missouri, 1921–1925,” and Dr. Jason McDonald, Department of History, with “Nature or Nurture? The Making of the Eugenicist Harry Laughlin.”