Truman Partners in Prevention Promote Suicide Prevention and Awareness with Ask, Listen, Refer

Truman Partners in Prevention is continuing to promote Ask, Listen, Refer, a free online suicide prevention program available 24/7. The 2020 Missouri Assessment of College Health Behaviors (MACHB) found 66% of Truman students would be willing to complete an online suicide prevention training program, but only 50% of students had heard of Ask, Listen, Refer. According to the CDC, suicide is a leading cause of death in the US (for more information go to; identifying and supporting those at risk of suicide makes a difference. In an effort to increase awareness about Ask, Listen, Refer, free giveaways with the training website are available in the lobby of the Pershing Building at various times throughout the semester. Items distributed include popsockets, webcam covers, fidget sticks, and toothbrush covers. Brochures on the table provide more details about Ask, Listen, Refer, as well as mental health conditions such as depression, panic disorder, and social phobia. Ask, Listen, Refer is designed to help students, faculty and staff prevent suicide by educating them on how to identify people at risk, recognizing the risk factors, protective factors, and warning signs of suicide, as well as how to respond to, and get help for, those at risk. The online program is free, takes about 20 minutes, and provides a certificate upon completion. If you would like to learn more about Ask, Listen, Refer, go to Be sure to stop by, grab some free items, and take some time to learn about and complete Ask, Listen, Refer.