Congratulations to an AHEC Scholar Recipient

Kirstyn Dietle, a Sophomore health and exercise science student, has recently made an incredible accomplishment. She has been accepted as an AHEC Scholar.  AHEC is the Area Health Education Centers, and they help to provide the necessary skills and competencies needed to better serve rural and underserved communities. They have a curriculum that is self paced, and they offer internship, experiential and service learning opportunities.

Kirstyn found out about the program through Dr. Donahue and subsequently reached out to Laura Wallace at the NEMO AHEC branch here in Kirksville. To apply, Kirstyn simply went to the AHEC scholars website. She writes that she had to fill out a questionnaire, give references, and submit her resume, adding that the process was quick and easy. She states Mrs. Wallace was there every step of the way if she had any questions.

Kirstyn writes that she believes it will affect her future by helping her better understand rural communities like the ones she is from, and how to better serve and advocate for them. Kirstyn grew up in rural Northeast Missouri, and has seen firsthand the issues that arise with access to health education and health services. She states she wants to take the training and certifications she acquires through this program to serve people that live in areas and deal with the issues that are so near and dear to her heart.

Congratulations Kirstyn!