Mitchell Jordan

Mitchell Jordan

October 5, 2021

Z. Mitchell Jordan (2021)

Mitchell Jordan is originally from Dallas, TX. He transferred to Truman after two years in construction and one at community college. He currently lives in St. Charles County with his wife, Brianna (Truman BA Biology 2015, MA in Education 2016), and their baby boy, Peter (Truman 2043) (Editor’s note: COMM major?). Mitchell is now the Community Relations Coordinator for the City of Weldon Spring. When he is not organizing parks projects or writing newsletters, he is outside with family or remodeling their home.

What year did you graduate, and what was your concentration?

I graduated in 2017 with a concentration in Public Communication.

What extra-/co-curricular activities did you do?

Mitchell, Brianna, and friends repping Truman on a Purple Friday (2015).

During my time at Truman, I spent most of my extra-/co-curricular time with Campus Christian Fellowship. I also hosted two KTRM radio shows: one that was strictly music and one that was topical and humorous news show.

What was your first job after graduation?

I found a public relations internship with a small local government after graduating. I managed their communications online and in print. I coordinated large public events for 2500 people. I helped them develop the full-time position of Community Relations Coordinator.

What work do you do/What are you doing now?

Since December 2018, I have served as the City of Weldon Spring’s first Community Relations Coordinator. My role covers three main areas: Official Communication, Parks & Recreation development, and Administration.  If you have seen NBC’s Parks & Recreation, my role is all the characters’ jobs wrapped into one package… without Ron Swanson’s perfect mustache.

How has your Liberal Arts/COMM education helped you?

Critical thinking is a pillar of liberal arts education at Truman. The Communication Department certainly emphasizes critical thinking about anything and everything, continually producing the best problem solvers in the state of Missouri. I am a one-person department in a small municipal government, so everything I do must be well thought out and, importantly, under budget. Because of my liberal arts degree, there has not been a problem I haven’t been able to resolve. I am very thankful for what I learned while at Truman.

Which class did you dislike when you took it, but now you’re grateful you took it?

I wouldn’t say I disliked Research Methods, but I was more nervous about taking it than anything. After receiving a D in STAT 190, I surely thought research methods was going to be similar. Dr. Medlock-Klykovski did a fantastic job instructing that course, and I have used it regularly in my work since college.

Mitchell (2nd fr left) and friends after completing a half-marathon (2015).

What was your greatest accomplishment at Truman?

Graduating. I have a learning disability that made getting a degree seem unattainable at times. Through hard work, great professors, and tons of encouragement from friends and family, I achieved a goal I once thought was just a dream.

Why is Truman a good place for a student to study?

As dull as people claim Truman and Kirksville to be, there is not another community like it. My time at Truman taught me the importance of choosing community over amenity.  Dear prospective student, you will only use a grotto once and then realize you could have paid less for a better/cooler school 1.5 hours north of Columbia, MO.

Mitchell and his family (2021).

What would you say a COMM student should absolutely do while at Truman?

Find a way to do a Kirksville summer. It is a great way to become more connected with the greater K-Vegas community. The city puts on some really great events and there are other experiences you might not find in a bigger metropolitan area. Also, try to get on as many university roofs as possible; I got four.

What advice would you give someone who wants to go into the same line of work as you?

Local government communication jobs are hard to come by, so find creative ways to be involved in your city. If there is not a young adults or activities council, see if you can create one. This will help you get applicable experience that will be valuable to your career.

What do you miss most about campus/Kirksville?

I miss walking everywhere. Campus/Kirksville in the fall and spring are the absolute best. The University is beautiful all the time, even when it is fifteen below zero.

What tagline would you create for the COMM department at Truman?

Mitchell’s adorable son Peter (2021).

“We’re the best and have the most fun; that’s why the other majors make fun of us.”  -OR-

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of light, it was the season of darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair.”- Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities  (Editor’s note: Need to check to see if we can afford Dickens.)

If you could come back to Truman and teach a class for a semester, what would be its title and what would it be about?

Gastronomy 101: It would consist of the artistic expression of re-creating food moments/experiences from the participants’ lives. Individuals explaining the importance of their experiences and discussing whether the experiences are shared amongst the group. A night class on Tuesdays around 6:30p.m. The whole thing is just an excuse to eat together.

By the way . . .

Mitchell plays an important role for the City of Weldon Spring, MO. In the past year he transitioned the city website to a new content management system that better represents Weldon Spring’s brand. He helped the city achieve a 95% confidence rating on their community-wide survey. Mitchell also coordinates many parks projects and community events. Through out the COVID-19 pandemic he has served as the city’s Public Information Officer, communicating important health information via multiple channels.

Mitchell also manages the paid public relations internship that generally runs each spring, summer, and fall.

Mitchell and Brianna hiking on vacation (2019).

If you would like to learn more of Mitchell’s story, you can follow him on LinkedIn and you can even check out the city of Weldon Spring’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.


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