Alyse Jenkins

Alyse Jenkins

August 27, 2019

Alyse Jenkins (2019)

Alyse has been a stock broker at TD Ameritrade for the past two years. Prior to that, she was an Academic Advisor in the School of Engineering at Southern Illinois University.  Since graduating from Truman, she has completed her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy at Valdosta State University in Georgia.  She currently resides in Saint Louis, MO raising her two-year-old son Ian.  In the future, Alyse plans to follow her passion and work in a capacity that involves social change.

What year did you graduate and what was your concentration?

I graduated in 2011 with a concentration in Communication Studies.

What extra-/co-curricular activities did you do?

I served as chapter president of Delta Sigma Theta sorority from 2009 to 2011. I was diversity chair of the Student Senate. I also had the pleasure of being the chapter historian of the National Pan-Hellenic Council. I was employed at the Multicultural Affairs Center as a student worker.  I served as a Student Advisor my junior year, and I was a part of the Ronald E. McNair Program.

Alyse (left) and sorority sisters participating in a Step Show (2010).

Did you go to grad school?  If so, where?  Was it immediately after you left Truman, or did you wait?  Why?

Yes, I did attend grad school at Valdosta State University immediately after leaving Truman. I was fortunate to be a part of the Ronald E. McNair program, whom encouraged me to go to grad school immediately after graduating from Truman.

Alyse presenting research while in grad school (2012).

What was your first job after graduation?

While receiving my graduate degree, I had a graduate assistantship as an Academic Advisor. Once I received my Masters, I became an Academic Advisor at SIUE’s school of engineering for roughly three and half years.

What work do you do/What are you doing now?

I am currently working as a stock broker for TD Ameritrade.

How has your Liberal Arts/COMM education helped you?

I believed it really helped during my “postmodern” graduate program. Because of my Liberal Arts/COMM education, I was already familiar with a lot of postmodern ideas. In addition, my education at Truman really increased my critical thinking, which is important in graduate school.

Alyse (far left) and McNair friends in DC (2009).

Which class did you dislike at the time you took it, but now you’re grateful you took it?

I would have to say that I did not really like the Media Writing course. I am, however, grateful that I took it because it gave me the opportunity to learn where my strengths are. In short, I now know I don’t want to be a reporter.

What was your greatest accomplishment at Truman?

My greatest accomplishment was when, as a part of the McNair program, I was picked to present my research at a conference in Ithaca, NY.

Oh, and graduating, of course.

Why is Truman a good place for a student to study?

Truman has an amazing faculty that takes the time to get to know you individually. That personal connection truly helped me in my studies.

What would you say a COMM student should absolutely do while at Truman?

Alyse and her son Ian (2019).

As a COMM student in Truman, I think it is very important to find an internship.  They are immensly helpful when you’re trying to connect your studies to your career.

What advice would you give someone who wants to go into the same line of work as you?

I think that the most important thing when going into any field is having knowledge and a passion for what you do. In the professional field, customers/clients look for competence. It is easy to want to know more about something that you care about.  With a degree in Communication, there are so many fields you can go into.  The key is is to highlight your experiences, and with a COMM degree, your experiences are valued in many fields.

What do you miss most about campus/Kirksville?

I would have to say that more than anything I miss the close community feel.  Anything I needed was not very far away.  Truman also gives you access to a lot of resources and entertainment.

What tag line would you create for the COMM department at Truman?

“COMM- It can get you anywhere!”

If you could come back to Truman and teach a class for a semester, what would be its title and what would it be about?

Sexual Communication. It would be about how the media affects our ideas of sexuality, and the communication between partners. It would also cover how communication can be used to decrease unwanted sexual advances that could lead to assault.

Alyse (2nd fr right) and friends at graduation (2011).

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